Prateek Khard

Rookie [Ambuj] (15/12/1992 / Niwari, Madhya Pradesh)

Biography of Prateek Khard

Prateek Khard poet

Being human; my heart beats,
I also walk on feet,
I have mouth which eats,
Nose to smell,
Skin to feel.
Eyes to look(also give me looks) ,
Hands took BOOKS(maybe) .
I wear clothes,
To be close,
I also love the smell of rose.
This is the small poem which shows
that I remain unchanged for those
who are, were, will be mine,
till i killed by DIVINE... Updates

Un Listened Feelings

In words of mine,
My feelings never listened by divine.
Now, you tell me where,
My feelings get shine.
Barely, I decide to make a wish to god,
But I handled by him as fraud.

How long; these things will happen with me,
Please god, please see.

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