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Born in Bangalore as son of Shree Praveen Kumar and Smt. Jayashree on September 18 of 1992, Pratheek Praveen Kumar presently resides in Bangalore. He completed his engineering course from the reputed R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore after completing ICSE and ISC with distinction from the prestigious Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Bangalore.

A cricket enthusiast, Pratheek Praveen Kumar loves horse riding, tennis, billiards, karate, cycling and football. He won several First Prizes in All India Essay Competitions with commendations for his writing style. He secured First Prize in inter-college Creative Writing Competition held at PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore in 2013, and stood first in Creative Writing and Arm Wrestling competitions held at R.V.College of Engineering, Bangalore. He also stood first in Information Technology competition held at Bishop Cotton Boys’ School.

Pratheek Praveen Kumar authored Eight Books including two technical books co-authored with his colleagues. His collection of English Poems, “CALM REFLECTIONS”was first published in the USA in 2009.

He joined Comviva Technologies, a multi-national corporation based in India as Product Engineer in 2014 after completing his engineering course in Telecommunications. He resigned from there in 2016 to pursue further studies.

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Pratheek Praveen Kumar in Calm Reflections's Works:


a) English Poems

Calm Reflections published in 2009 by PublishAmerica, Baltimore, USA

b) Nonfiction

1. Inclusive Growth 2 Edition by Amazon Books, USA
2. My Time My World by Amazon Books, USA
3. Inclusive Growth by Amazon Books, USA
4. World View by Amazon Books, USA

c) Co-authored

1. Underwater Channel Simulation
2. Steganography Using Visual Cryptography Updates

The Sun And The Moon

High above in the sky,
On the earth they spy,
And laugh at people's deeds,
And see their desires and needs.

Opposite to each other they are,
They are separated by far,
And the are rarely seen close together,
In any weather.

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