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87. My Summer Vacation 4/5/2012
Best Poem of Pratheek Praveen Kumar in Calm Reflections

My Summer Vacation

A time of fun and joy,
In which I did enjoy,
Learning and games both came,
I treated them the same.

A time of rest and enjoyment,
In which we do give vent,
To our happiness after examinations,
And free up our tensions.

A time needed for students everywhere,
After the heavy wear and tear,
Of examinations that test their ability,
They are finally free.

A time to pursue hobbies and interests,
To do things in others behests,
It is a time that all crave for,
And of what students want more.

It is a time to visit family, ...

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Dangerous and untamed,
Appropriately named,
Stalks its prey with fury,
Awesome when it's angry.

The most ferocious among all creatures,
Awe-inspiring are its features,
It fills the jungle with fear,
It is the tiger.

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