Pratheek Praveen Kumar in Calm Reflections

Pratheek Praveen Kumar in Calm Reflections Poems

81. The Joy Of Achievement 4/5/2012
82. Excellence 4/5/2012
83. Macbeth, A Tragic Hero 4/5/2012
84. Indian Constitution 4/5/2012
85. Birthday Party 4/5/2012
86. My Summer Vacation 4/5/2012
87. Truth Is Wealth 4/5/2012
Best Poem of Pratheek Praveen Kumar in Calm Reflections

Truth Is Wealth

Truth is power, truth is true wealth,
Truth is unequalled ultimate strength,
Truth makes soul its own king
And makes the angels in heaven sing,
Truth is joy, truth is sunshine,
Truth is heart's pristine sheen.

Truth is true friend if we side with it,
And the deadliest foe while stand against it,
Truth strikes terror in law-breakers' heart
And shakes those hearts that go short of it,
For truth is all, truth is tall,
No noble soul ever refrains from its call.

Truth is might, truth is true light,
Truth is the path always is right.

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Full Moon Night

The night is dark, no clouds in the sky,
The moon peeps out of its hiding-place,
In one place the moon does not lie,
And seeks another place to hide its face.

A beautiful night it certainly is,
All is still except the moon,
A peaceful night for the bliss,
And it is not going to change soon.

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