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Prathibha Nandakumar Poems

81. Between Yes And No New 10/26/2011
82. The Quantum Leap 3/5/2013
83. Rich Man 2/21/2014
84. The Scare Crow -2 4/30/2006
85. Being 5 9/2/2005
86. Being 4 9/2/2005
87. Coffee House 7/9/2006
88. Amma's Death 5/2/2006
89. The Truth About Charles Chaim Wax (One More) 5/7/2006
90. I Have Died A Million Deaths 2/20/2008
91. I Was Born With Several Diseases 2/20/2008
92. The Yoni Chakra 4/27/2006
93. This Is What The Fish Said 3/22/2006
94. The Tigress 8/8/2006
95. Reason For Calling 11/18/2006
96. Being 2 9/2/2005
97. Cheers 3/21/2006
98. And Suddenly A Woman's Wail At Midnight 4/4/2006
99. I Am The Wind 7/18/2007
100. Erotica 3/16/2006
101. Defining Pleasure 3/22/2006

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Defining Pleasure

If you are searching for that poem written especially for you
you have to remember that writing poems

is like drinking coffee
brewing, filtering, whitening and sweetening
preceeds consuming
which is actually what happens in courting

But then drinking coffee is like making love
hot yet not scalding
sweet but not too much
Enough but not unlimited
to keep going

Now, if you are thinking what I am thinking
lets have some coffee

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Being 5

And they award you for deconstruction!

Design thearies desert you to tackle
the slopping roof realities without a column support of
decomposition. You wake up to a morning of
steel frames and blinding glass. Paint red,
whispers the colour goddess. You obey.
Plan from the pavement and reach the sanctum sanctorum.
Hidden well within the darkness of the soul

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