Praveen Kumar in Celestial Glow

Praveen Kumar in Celestial Glow Poems

241. Life And Joy 3/9/2014
242. Passion 4/18/2014
243. Who Is He? 4/22/2014
244. Life Is Duty's Clarion Call 10/8/2013
245. She Walks Alone 7/8/2013
246. Only Love Is Real 6/15/2013
247. She Radiates Pure Grace 5/29/2013
248. Happiness 4/8/2012
249. It's Sunset Now 12/3/2012
250. Broken Dreams 2/25/2012
251. Fear 10/10/2013
252. Truth And Untruth 2/20/2014
253. Lovely Spring 2/26/2014
254. My Birds 2/24/2014
255. Poetry And Poet 3/16/2012
256. Death 4/7/2012
257. Beauty Within 3/30/2012
258. India - A Universe Itself 3/27/2012
259. A Pattern 4/28/2016
260. Fear Not, O Soul 4/2/2016
261. Truth And Reality 5/2/2014
262. Honesty 11/13/2013
263. Devout Love 5/27/2013
264. Selfless Love 2/28/2012
265. Celestial Bliss 6/12/2013
266. Marriage 4/25/2016
267. Loveliest Divine Rose 6/24/2013
268. Dilemma Of Love 6/29/2016
269. Loyalty 6/11/2013

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When I heard how her world, shattered,
When I learnt how her life, wrecked,
A promising future, sheared to shreds,
So shocked was I, I began to sink,
And world at large lost sense for me;
I wanted to know more three years since,
But blindfold I was, alas, dark all round,
And found light in soul fast losing shine,
Without me aware, tears rolled from eyes.

Most sensible, sincere, sweet flower she is,
Gentle in heart, simple, fragrant for all;
She hurts none, bears odds of all worlds,
Selfless to the core; sacrifice, her mark,
No jealous or ...

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Golden Wonder

I waited long for her,
But she didn't come in time;
When she came, I was too muddled,
Clouded and uncertain;
But she was crystal clear and firm,
Kaleiodoscopic in her elements,
Fragrant like jasmine
And innocent like morn-dew -
Sweet, gentle, sincere and honest,

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