Praveen Kumar in Celestial Glow

Praveen Kumar in Celestial Glow Poems

41. Man & Woman 4/2/2012
42. Sunset 4/3/2012
43. Wonderful World 4/4/2012
44. My Aphrodite 4/5/2012
45. Greater Than Infinite 4/16/2012
46. All Is Beautiful 4/27/2012
47. My Little Angel 6/12/2012
48. Long Path Is Ahead 8/1/2012
49. My Charming Bride 8/1/2012
50. You're My Wonder 9/5/2012
51. She Lights My Soul 9/6/2012
52. Harmony 9/14/2012
53. Poetry Is Not Poet's 9/19/2012
54. Life Is An Ocean 10/10/2012
55. I Wait For Some Rain 11/7/2012
56. You're My Truth 12/13/2012
57. We Drift Afar By Days And Hours 5/8/2013
58. Horizons Go Dark 5/10/2013
59. Never Ever Let You Part Again 5/14/2013
60. I Came As A Spark 5/14/2013
61. She Is Love In Its Divine Glow 5/15/2013
62. You Will Come In Golden Glow 5/16/2013
63. I H’ve My Word To Cross And Reach 5/20/2013
64. Amidst Trillion Others 5/21/2013
65. As I Reach Her Palace 5/22/2013
66. Memory 5/24/2013
67. I’m Not Alone In This World 5/25/2013
68. Love Unseen Unheard 5/31/2013
69. Bond Intact 6/6/2013
70. Hopeless Wait 6/6/2013
71. Temple Of Love 6/14/2013
72. Togetherness 6/25/2013
73. Soul Transcendental 6/27/2013
74. Aeons Passed 6/29/2013
75. Let's Celebrate That 6/30/2013
76. She Bides Time 7/1/2013
77. Her Sheer Presence 7/4/2013
78. True Love 7/6/2013
79. Adieu, Adieu, Adieu 7/9/2013
80. Cosmic Focus 7/11/2013

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When I heard how her world, shattered,
When I learnt how her life, wrecked,
A promising future, sheared to shreds,
So shocked was I, I began to sink,
And world at large lost sense for me;
I wanted to know more three years since,
But blindfold I was, alas, dark all round,
And found light in soul fast losing shine,
Without me aware, tears rolled from eyes.

Most sensible, sincere, sweet flower she is,
Gentle in heart, simple, fragrant for all;
She hurts none, bears odds of all worlds,
Selfless to the core; sacrifice, her mark,
No jealous or ...

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Divine Light

She is my definition of beauty,
She is what a soul should be,
What a mind and heart, intellect and shape
In thoughts and emotions it should be,
In deductions and proportions they should be;
It is the light deep in her soul
That makes her she, the dazzling Sun
That gives life to all the beings
And spawns the Fullmoon from a dark satellite.

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