Praveen Kumar in Celestial Glow

Praveen Kumar in Celestial Glow Poems

201. She Is Charm Irresistible 7/24/2017
202. Poetry As Inner Sparks 7/25/2017
203. Raise High Your Banners 7/27/2017
204. You Remain You 8/3/2017
205. All Is A Matching Game 9/3/2017
206. Love & Self 10/17/2017
207. The Truth 10/17/2017
208. Let Us Learn To Live With It 10/23/2017
209. Unkind Insight 10/24/2017
210. Relief 11/20/2017
211. Hither And Thither 4/29/2016
212. Nothing Count To Soul 4/30/2016
213. I Cross All Lengths, All Odds, And Reach 4/30/2016
214. Why Hide From Me 4/30/2016
215. Everything Is Evertwhere At All Times 4/30/2016
216. It's One Tug Of War 4/30/2016
217. No Mother Equals In Care 5/1/2016
218. God Doesn't Make Mistakes 5/2/2016
219. Nothingness 5/3/2016
220. My Sun, Moon And Stars 5/4/2016
221. Cosmic Dictates 5/9/2016
222. Fittest Only Survives 5/10/2016
223. Broken Bridges 5/11/2016
224. Infinity, Naught And Existence 5/12/2016
225. Tsunami Of Joy 5/13/2016
226. All Roads Lead Somewhere 5/14/2016
227. She Is My Truth 5/15/2016
228. Her Absolute Truth 6/14/2016
229. Long I Travelled 6/15/2016
230. Time Failed Me To Take 6/16/2016
231. Dark Dilemma 6/17/2016
232. Caught In Tides 6/18/2016
233. Dramatis Personae 6/19/2016
234. Unknown World 6/20/2016
235. Lost Sweet Days 5/5/2014
236. She's Pure Pleasure 5/6/2014
237. Hope 5/19/2014
238. Endless Pursuit 4/1/2016
239. Indistinct Force 4/26/2016
240. Bliss Of Give And Take 4/27/2016

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When I heard how her world, shattered,
When I learnt how her life, wrecked,
A promising future, sheared to shreds,
So shocked was I, I began to sink,
And world at large lost sense for me;
I wanted to know more three years since,
But blindfold I was, alas, dark all round,
And found light in soul fast losing shine,
Without me aware, tears rolled from eyes.

Most sensible, sincere, sweet flower she is,
Gentle in heart, simple, fragrant for all;
She hurts none, bears odds of all worlds,
Selfless to the core; sacrifice, her mark,
No jealous or ...

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Our Reward

You are the hot spring of my cold heart,
You are the deep root of my life's spread,
You are the tall fire of my soul's prayers,
You were my past and you will be my future;
But you are mere shadow of my luckless present.

I know how you traversed from frame to frame,
From scene to scene behind the stage
Like a trapeze artist or monkey's trail

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