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Rookie (my birthday is 5/10/93 / I was born in the united states)

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My name is Precious Harris i have been writting poetry for along time. I think since i ws 12 but i really like poetry. A lot of great artist inspired me to write poetry and also a lot of emotions. I have been through alot for a person who is 16. I'm not the only 16 year old who say that but this century at this time. It gets harder everyday. I hope I to inspire a lot of teenagers or kids to start writting. also it is more to me but you will learn about that im my poems. sincerly yours truley.

Precious Harris10's Works:

not yet but i am working on my book called 'Lost but Loved' Updates

Can You Wait?

can you wait for me?
can you wait for me to come to you?
I see you looking for me
even though it may take years or century i will come to you.
my mind have been boxed up and now im focus on you.
So wait for me because I can't wait to see you.
To see you eyes light up when you speak my name.
To see you laugh while we play our favorite game.
Wait for me.

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