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Biography of Preeth Nambiar

Preeth Nambiar poet

Educationist, Litterateur & Humanitarian, Preeth hails from the northern part of Indian state, Kerala in the south-west region of India on the Malabar Coast as the son of Mr. Kana Padmanabhan Nambiar and Mrs. Saraswati Nambiar.

Born in an ancient aristocratic family that carried the rich culture of Kerala and Karnataka, where music, arts and literature were the very atmosphere, he started writing at a very early age. He has been working with various international organisations and has presented prestigious research works on Education, philosophy, arts and literature.

He is renowned for the simplistic style of narration and meditative tunes in his literary works whereas his key ideas on education incorporating eastern and western philosophies, has won international acclamation. Preeth is presently residing in the Maldives working as an educator to the University of Cambridge, ESOL, serving MAPS International, Male'.

Preeth Nambiar's Works:

The Voyage to Eternity: Collection of poems
An Album of Memories: Autobiographical (Upcoming)
To my daughter: Collection of Letters (Upcoming) Updates

A Voyage To Eternity

I don't know when I was born! I remember as tiny particles I were scattered upon the endless universe embracing each other with a longing for a life! With the pain of frozen dreams when my journey stretched endless I found a star smiling at me, touching me with the warmth of his light! I found my body wet; I found green sprouting upon my body! I heard the melody of the winds, there appeared birds from the distance and weaving nests upon the branches! There was rain! Beautiful rain! And I rema

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