Preston Alcaraz

Rookie (11/10/93 / Arlington Texas)

Biography of Preston Alcaraz

Well my name is Preston Alcaraz, and I am eighteen years old. I love to weightlift, listen to music, watch movies, and write poems from time to time. My poems are usually sad because I usually am sad. My mom died when I was six months old and her parents took me in. Now my Dad is in prison. So im just having a hard time in life right now. But I hope you will enjoy reading my poems and maybe get something out of them. Updates


My favorite drink is Pepsi.
It is so very zesty.
Coke isn’t as good as Pepsi.
It is very nasty.

When I drink Pepsi I am happy.
I like Pepsi and not Coke.
When I drink Coke I am grumpy.
Coke is very smoky.

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