Pricilla Pui

Rookie (31.12.1994 / Brunei Darussalam)

Biography of Pricilla Pui

I am just a teen who's 14 years old, having the passion for writing and drawing. I don't care what you think, coz it's my stuff. I am only writing and drawing for the sack of my own feelings!

Pricilla Pui's Works:

A few articles for my school's newsletter, 'The Wings'. Updates

The Real Me

You said that you'll be there no matter what
You said you'll be there to catch me when I fall into a hole so dark
You said that you love me for who I am
But all these are things that I couldn't understand.

Am I such a burden
So hard to lift?
Do I look so innocent
That you thought I have no sad stories to tell and give?

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