Pride Young

Biography of Pride Young

Hi Guys! I'm Gaurav Kishore,
I love Music, Dancing, Reading and more,
Dancing is one of My Hobbies,
And You'll find me Humming, all around the Lobbies,
And Reading is a new Passion,
Which transports Me to another Dimension,
Finding a Girl to suit Myself is a new Aim,
I want a Cute and Loving Girl whom I can Claim
As my Own.

I'm Just a Chill and Loving Guy,
I have such Good Friends, Maybe thats Why!
Talking of Friends, My Pals are the Best,
They Chisel me out of every Problem, However Gravest! !
Life for me is a Source Of Light,
Where I Fathom the Unknown Bright,
And it makes me Feisty to Learn,
To Garner the spirit of Courage and Yearn,
I want My Life to be a perfect Blende,
Of Enjoyment, Love and Success that is Earned.

To Fly High is my Dream,
Maybe that's My Destination's Cream,
To be Able to Serve my Nation I Crave,
So that I can with Pride, Kiss My Grave,
Our Motherland is right now Filled with Commotion,
And I wanna serve it with the Peace Potion,
With a Hope to win all your Hearts,
Introducing Myself I Depart... Updates

Indian Independence

The British were wandering over our heads like Ghosts,
But how silly we wre to become their Hosts,
We hid from them in our houses,
While they treated us like Mouses,
But then with God's grace,
The Lion's rose from their caves,
To show to the Queen's Hailers a revolutionary Phase,
They used Different styles,
Some were Busy in Files,

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