Prince Andy Bighorn

Rookie (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Biography of Prince Andy Bighorn

Prince Andy narrowly escaped as a religious exile from an Angel Planet in deep space. Formerly a Prince under Farisean rule, the King and Queen relinquished the Prince's power due to his opinions about the Empire's Church. The Church wanted to worship Ram (God) based on the principles of lower-class Farisean sacrifice. The Prince opposed all forms of persecution of the Faris subjects, and demanded more equality for her people. The monarchy did not appreciate nor accept the loss of their power and morality control, so they exiled Andy to the deep recesses of space. In a silver spaceship capsule, the young Prince fled and tracked the pervading emptiness of space for a planet able to sustain life. Researching nebulae and galaxies for years, he eventually encountered a beautiful deep blue ocean-like planet called Earth.

He slowly made his way to the blue and green marvel. He spotted a large lighted city area with pink and orange hues, and one beam of light reaching out towards the sky. He burned a hole in the earth's atmosphere. His Trans-Universal spacecraft vessel lost control and crash landed past his target of lights, in a horrendous crash. In a crash worthy of destroying mind, body, and spirit, Prince Andy emerged from the smoldering wreckage, reborn. In a moment fit for birth, one must either be given or choose a name for him or herself. Close by, a herd of Big Horn sheep grazed and wandered, lucidly unaware of the gravity of his crash. Upon his intergalactic information tablet (IIT) , Andy targeted and determined the name of the animals. The profile read:

Big Horned Sheep: Creatures of Ram. With the uncanny ability to survive in both mountainous and desert ecosystems, these animal's horns can weigh up to 30 lbs. Pertaining to the mythology of Native Americans, these animals were worshiped in creation stories and lore. Their population has dwindled significantly. Nevada State Animal.

Seeing a direct correlation between himself and these illustrious animals, Andy uncovered a new name for himself.

Prince Andy Bighorn.

Learning about the culture and history of planet Earth, he learned about evil, war, starvation, disease, and famine. Faced with the atrocities of sin, destruction, and war, he had to ask himself one question: How do I heal? He understood that the same horrific acts were consistent under the Monarchy back on Faris. The immediate goal now was to create sustenance and value for himself and for the rest of the world.

Discovering the prophets of earthly societies, he determined God's (or Ram in his language) Love extends to every corner of the universe. The song remains the same. His own conclusions developed on the industrial Planet Faris, closely matched the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Buddha, and Mother Theresa. The time was now to act.

The Mission: to inject Gold-Blood into American society. A golden and godly society where life forms of all creeds and persuasions can coexist with love and as God's Children. At the cost of religious crucfixation, social persecution, and death, Prince Andy already had nothing to lose.

The Goal: To create a society infused with electric love. Already once rebuked impeding laws, the young royal possessed only confidence for his cause.

The Method: Defeat hate with love. Defeat pretension with reality and fantasy. Defeat image with Unconditional Fame and Indomitable Confidence.

The Dream: To relinquish the crowns from the powerful to everyone, and provide liberty and justice for all.

The Vehicles: Music. Art. Technology. Fashion. Visuals. Writing. Motorcycles. Cars. Hot Rods. Stallions. and Tigers.

Prince Andy fashioned a home for himself in the society of Las Vegas. He adapted to the local culture by purchasing timeless fashion of Black clothes. Fascinated with the independence and Americano of the Western cowboy, he duplicated their intense masculinity. He earned his own Crown, a crown anyone can buy, in the form of a Black Cowboy hat. Formerly a male of the Faris gender, he attempted to now hover between male and female humanity. With a head to toe black Cowboy get up, Andy at this point and time swayed to male humanity. Andy eventually passed his citizenship test, and became a full-fledged American; he said he was from Eastern Europe. Although Prince Andy has adapted to American culture and lifestyle, he still will forever be an alien. An American space man from the stars. Updates

Snake Skin

A baby's bottom pressed from God's love
Toddlers scraped knees, push and shove
Repeal the layer, repaint the hurt
Heal the scar, rebirth the spirit

Teenage acne, accompanied angst
Clashing of parents, a period of pranks
Rattler's second molt, a new age dawns
A young prime Rattler, sacred mojave lawns

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