Prince Kenny Osei

Prince Kenny Osei Poems

1. Sometimes In August 10/29/2012
2. A Snailing Menace 10/29/2012
3. The Needed Breeze 10/29/2012
4. Umbilical 10/29/2012
5. Order Of Reincarnation 10/29/2012
6. A Note To God 10/29/2012
7. How I Wish 10/29/2012
8. A Beggar With Choice 10/29/2012
9. Reality Or Mythical? 10/29/2012
10. Resurface 10/29/2012
11. Snow White 10/29/2012
12. The Possibility In Impossibility 10/29/2012
13. Footprints That Never Fade 10/29/2012
14. How Far? 10/29/2012
15. Enemy In The Mirror 10/29/2012
16. Miles Away 10/29/2012
17. Moments Like These 10/29/2012
18. Seen From Afar 10/29/2012
19. In The Hands Of Man 10/29/2012
20. A Call For Crucifixion 10/29/2012
21. The Midnight Rains 10/29/2012
22. The Black Plunges Of Then 11/6/2012
23. One More Day 11/23/2012
24. Our Journey Of Art Curiousity 11/27/2012
25. Above Our Plights 12/4/2012
26. Clearer Voices 12/10/2012
27. Creme De La Creme 12/20/2012
28. Exceptionally Crafted 1/4/2013
29. Back To The Basics 1/4/2013
30. While On The Stairs 1/10/2013
31. Occurence Of The Fall Of Babylon 1/16/2013
32. Idylls Of Theocritus 2/1/2013
33. Lost In Translation 2/7/2013
34. A Break In Lineage 3/8/2013
35. Smaller Beginnings 3/8/2013
36. In Event Of Chenua's Demise 3/25/2013
37. When The Signature Becomes An Autograph 4/5/2013
38. Slacken 4/9/2013
39. Call Me Whatever 12/30/2012
40. Titanic To Costa Concordia 1/26/2013
Best Poem of Prince Kenny Osei

Amazing Women

From the secluded circles of Navasha
Through Mombasa to the tarred roads
of Ulaanbaatar, you have tilled these
deserted land to bear sufficient harvests,
for our sake
Now that we live in plenty
And our assignments in this journey
have been told, we say 'thank you'

To all the amazing women..
From the squares of Antananarivo through the port city of Antwerp
to the capital of Cabo Verde, Praia
you've lived not in disillusion but uniformity
You've all played courageous roles in our moral upbringing,
today we stand here as the formidable of ...

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Chiming bells, uproaring thunder-like voices, merry making, upon the promulgation of a child
Cries emanates, just as the umbilical cord becomes set for cut
The daunts & wearies of the child opens in sheer despairity
Seeming 'a punishment' at birth
Oops! Just flustery scenes advertently nothing can be done
An anti-thesis like an armoury clad then render at the time due making the sky deeply frightened but yet not taken aback
An enticement, never can it be ignored, not even on the 'kerstmis'

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