prince miko h villegas

Rookie (BATANES, PHILIPPINES / November 02 1990)

Biography of prince miko h villegas

i am PRINCE MIKO VILLEGAS,21 years of age, i am an ivatan, who grew on a paradise island called Batanes, i love poetry. i more focus on feelings. as you can see my poetry is like somehow what they called teenage poetry..i have limited vocabulary but that doesn't stop me from expressing my self through simple yet meaningful words.. hope you like my work, enjoy.. Updates

A Martyr Of Love

I thought you missed me thought you love me
All this time you've been busy
Warm moments started to become cold
I thought we will be together till were old

I did my part and show you my love
Give almost everything I ever had
But you seem to move away as I get close
Was the feeling you had for me is all false?

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