Prince Rodoki

Rookie (4th January / Ilesha)

Biography of Prince Rodoki

Prince Rodoki poet

A child from the Western
Golden city of Lesh where
The somber sun glides for fun
And breaks the looms of pseudo-romantic
A child from the skies where wisdom flies
But curdles her ally, where children are
Topaz petals unplucked, unweaned, unwooed.....
A meek child from the wayward world where
Candid love is to be tasted like wine,
Such is my lot, such is my fate, now is my time.....

Prince Rodoki's Works:

Night and Nightmares
Where Thieves Break In
When a Looner Tones Updates

Rest Rest Afresh

Oft had I learned to wade amiss
In honed beams of feared craton bliss
‘Neath the tumult fly, the lad was a hue
Of passion, pride and warm oceans so blue
His frail frat fame freckled afresh
By gallows of hallowed sect mesh
While the grail lingers in a heart most smeared
With solitude, fear, and what people feared.

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