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321. I Hate This Feeling 11/26/2009
322. Alone In The Woods 9/4/2009
323. The Story Of Life 9/8/2009
324. I Love You Was That Ok 8/27/2009
325. How Could You? 8/24/2009
326. Dont Leave! ! 8/16/2009
327. Why Am I Sitting Here Crying? ? 8/20/2009
328. Stay With Me! 8/18/2009
329. Long Night 8/18/2009
330. Child's Play 8/17/2009
331. “some Secrets Need To Be Kept” 8/17/2009
332. Dont U Remeber 8/17/2009
333. I Will Go... I Guess... 8/17/2009
334. I Hate You, Don'T Leave Me 8/16/2009
335. A Dark Love 8/15/2009
336. Why, Why, Why 8/16/2009
337. I Thought I Knew You, But I Was So Wrong 8/17/2009
338. I Dont Need You...Or Do I? 8/19/2009
339. The Way I Love You 8/20/2009
340. Don'T You Remember? 8/17/2009
341. A Childs Pain 8/18/2009
342. Dying For You 8/30/2009
343. I Want To Write A Poem 9/16/2009
344. When Things Got Hard. (You Left Me) 8/27/2009
345. Prince Of Darkness 8/25/2009
346. Forget Me Not... 5/21/2010
347. Sorry Can'T Save Me 8/27/2009
348. I Dont Deserve Her 12/3/2009
349. In The Wind 9/28/2009
350. Heart Of Pain 10/7/2009
351. What Is...? 8/29/2009
352. I'M Begging For Your Love 8/15/2009
353. 15 Questions 8/17/2009
354. You Think You Know Me 8/25/2009
355. Stay Away From Me 9/3/2009
356. There's A Girl Crying In My Mirror Tonight & There's Nothing I Can Say To Make Her Feel Alright. 8/17/2009
357. I Slit The Sheet, The Sheet I Slit, And On The Slitted Sheet I Sit, With Freshly Fried Fresh Flesh. I Need Not Your Needles, They'Re Needless To Me- 8/16/2009
358. Without You.. 8/16/2009
359. No One To Answer Me 8/21/2009
360. I Am Lonely & I Am Scared 8/23/2009

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In This Moment

See the sunlight shining bright
Over my sad day-dream world
Standing so close to oblivion
I can feel your heart beating.

It's like waking up to the end
Of a sad, sad, sad dream land
Kiss me hello and throw
My griefs to those sad, sad, sad dream winds.

Forget all the bad things for this moment
I swear I'll never let you fall alone
Together for just one more moment
Here in this forgotten moment.

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With Broken Wings

Somewhere out there but so far away
you live your life day by day
and I'm over here doing just the same
thinking about you again and again
These wings I have, well they're broken down
holding me here firm on the ground
away from you, my happiness
The air that I breathe, the one I miss
and I never thought I'd get this far, to feel the way I do

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