Princess Ashleigh

Rookie (02-17-91 / Fort Worth Texas)

Biography of Princess Ashleigh

I go by the name of Princess Ashleigh I am a senior in high school. I am planning on attending college in the fall of 2009, where I will either attend University of North Texas or University of Houston. I love writing, dancing. Im a pretty happy person when im drama free.(thats the way to be) . but well gotz 2 go Updates

Why Not Her(To Be Cont)

Why is she gone and not her
Why did my sister have to die and leave me here…..all alone
I m trying to hold on to the little faith left but how can I
My mother is her and she should be the one who is gone
She is the one who has broke her family into pieces
Don’t even know her name she so high
I hate her for making this happen
I hate the fact she’s here.
And not making the best of life

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