Princess Kathleene Gabunales

Biography of Princess Kathleene Gabunales

+++ If there's one of those things that I should be thankful in this world that is being able to see things from different perspective and seeing both sides+++and so i wonder what life would be like if we only have same common notion to the existence of every little thing+++cause if we don't question the possibilities and even try to make a difference in a way that we can we are not even doing the purpose of our being+++

Princess Kathleene Gabunales

Princess Kathleene Gabunales's Works:

/Could It Be/
Candy Magazine (Phil. Edition)
November 2008 Updates

Where Am I

If you can see where I am standing
does it pain you then
when I don't belong to anyone
but I've been grasps by the moment
that only lies could suddenly break
there's an echo within the sand
with nothing but a fragile heart
do you remember where it all began?

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