Priya Arora

Rookie - 6 Points (18th April 1983 / Punjab)

Biography of Priya Arora

Priya Arora poet

Hello everyone, myself Priya Arora born and brought up in Punjab.
For me Poetry is the language in which I explore my own amazement. Poems that are in my collection are more of the imaginations of my mind that I felt to jot down in the form of Poetry.I never get a chance to intract with kids who are in pain, pain that they might felt for not having there parents by there side, kids who are bound to do hardships due to poverty, never intracted with girl who is going to be in a sacred relation like marriage at the age of twelve.I just try to put there thoughts in the form of poetry.I wish that readers can correlate and can feel the pain that I try to merge in my poems. Just a try on behalf of those sweet little kids that can’t express or don’t have any mode to express there thoughts.
I dedicate my few poems to my parents, infact to all the parents on behalf of kids who are strong believer that ‘God can’t be every where, that’s why they bless us with parents’.Just a small gesture to make them feel that how special there presence is in to my life. What I am today is all because of them as they are my strength and my inspiration both, that keeps on motivating me to true to me and to others also.
'Poetry is plucking at the heartstrings, and making music with them, that’s what I want my poems to do'.
To be more precise what I feel is, i don't create poetry; I create myself, for me my poems are a way to me.
Hope everyone will love it and enjoy it. Thanks to all my readers who inspired me a lot by giving there genuine comments on my poems that keeps on motivating me to write more and more. I would like to say thanks to ‘’ also who gives me the perfact platform to express my self in a more refined way to the world.
I have no clue about writing poetry but yes definitely i try to give my readers best of my thoughts.

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