Priya K.

Rookie (30.1.1991 / Chennai, India)

Biography of Priya K.

Always been interested in writing, so took the 'brave' (read 'risky') option of studying Literature. Haven't regretted it for a moment.

Decision paid off in May 2010, at the start of final year, when a publisher contacted me to get my first book published! Out on online stores now, and on stands soon!

Prophecy: The Rise of the Sword.

Priya K.'s Works:

Prophecy: The Rise of the Sword. Updates


The land is dead and gone, Lady.
It's as though it never lived.
It's dead and gone, Lady.
And now you must forgive.

Life moves on, Lady.
And so too must you;
Forgive yourself, dear Lady,
For there was naught that you could do.

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