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aa...wel u c am sum1 who luvs 2 hav a rocking due to sum 'x' factors crap ma lyf becoms u c i cum out of those shit problms by ryting poems..i luv ryting poems i njy it hehehee...and ya lok i feel lyf is smal so lets keep it goign ryt? ? ? Updates

A Helping Hand

i'm living my life in darkness from ages
waiting for a little ray of hope all my life
it kept me awaited.....
now from my eyes comes the tears of blood......
i cried my whole life but no one was there to console me
but today when my beloved cries i lend her my shoulders...
and hold her hand close to my heart so that every dropp of tear which falls from her eyes i keep it with me......
because these tears of her's are not tears of blood but they are tears of happiness which are priceless..

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