Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai

Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai Quotes

  • ''There is a horrible skull behind every beautiful face.''
    to my students
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  • '' The involvement of the other person brings discipline in our life.''
    to my friends
  • '' Hard work creates appreciation and vice versa.''
    to my students
  • '' Time is the greatest mystery that ever remains unsolved for man.''
    to my students
  • '' It often seems that we don't exist but Time exists.''
    to my students
  • ''Common people often suffer from tall poppy syndrome.''
    to my friends
  • '' "Ramzan" is training while the practical life is the front where we often fail to prove that we are the real followers of "Ramzan".''
    to my friends
  • ''In youth, a woman is more beautiful than her name; but in old age, her name is more beautiful than she herself is.''
    to my students
  • '' Instead of being an occasion to be celebrated annually, Ramzan should be accepted as a philosophy to be realized and followed throughout life.''
    to my students
  • ''Those who create skepticism against Islam are like porcupines that live in dark holes and spread their spines in society.''
    to my friends

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Best Poem of Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai

Life Is Short

Life is short, art is long all wise men say
In silent ground of Time, all players play.
Fate herself is the referee, you know too
To refuse her judgment, you have no say.

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O Bee!

O dear darling bee!
Far better than I.
You make sweet honey
I make gross money.
That heals dying beings
It poisonous thoughts brings.
Heaven has honey;
Hell tortures money.
You fly to sweet flowers

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