Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai

Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai Quotes

  • '' Friends' friends are often friends; beloveds' lovers are often rivals.''
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  • '' Friendship is frank; love is hesitant.''
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  • ''There is give and take in friendship; love likes sacrifice.''
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  • '' Friendship may turn into enmity; love knows no turn.''
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  • ''Friendship is often two-way; love is often one-way.''
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  • ''The circle of friendship is never complete; the circle of love is often complete.''
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  • ''Usually, friendship is more durable than love because emotion dissipates sooner than reason does.''
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  • ''Love is the subject of soul, infatuation of senses, and lechery of body.''
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  • ''Health of body is activity; health of mind is sensibility; and health of soul is morality.''
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  • ''The soul of love is not achievement but sacrifice. ''
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Life Is Short

Life is short, art is long all wise men say
In silent ground of Time, all players play.
Fate herself is the referee, you know too
To refuse her judgment, you have no say.

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Anger spreads poison in mind
Destruction it leaves behind.

It snatches all our senses
And increases all our expenses.

Bloody sword in its hands it keeps
And climbs up on thoughts bulky heaps.

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