Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai

Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai Quotes

  • ''Eyes are the most beautiful part of human body.''
    to my students
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  • ''Eyes are the first outlet for all human passions and feelings.''
    to my students
  • ''Face is an index of mind and eyes are the index of face.''
    to my students
  • '' Human beings make most of their gestures through hands and eyes.''
    to my students
  • ''Poets are eyes of society.''
    to my students
  • ''Eyes' expressions are more polite, delicate and meaningful than those of tongue.''
    to my students
  • ''Eye-language remains the same throughout the world while that of tongue remains changing everywhere.''
    to my friends
  • '' Eye-language is understood by all human beings irrespective of their age, race or region.''
    to my students
  • ''Eyes are the miniature of man within man.''
    to my students
  • '' Eyes weep; eyes sleep; eyes see high; eyes see deep.''
    to my students

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Best Poem of Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai

Life Is Short

Life is short, art is long all wise men say
In silent ground of Time, all players play.
Fate herself is the referee, you know too
To refuse her judgment, you have no say.

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Graphite And Diamond

Black Graphite hides itself im wood pencils
And in narrow sharpeners spills.
The black maid serves society' hands
Auseful device of working bands.
But Diamond crowns Honour's high head
Dream of eyes open or in bed.
Light is its food, light its soul
With light it plays a wonderful role.
Both seem to have no relation

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