Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai

Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai Quotes

  • '' Dishes are not delicious without hunger.''
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  • ''Jewelry is social but beauty is a natural desire of human beings.''
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  • ''Both virtue and vice are limitless.''
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  • '' Human virtues and vices have ever been the same.''
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  • ''Wishes can be fulfilled only in the house of availability.''
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  • '' To win is man's natural desire whether he wins this world or that world.''
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  • ''It is far better to win hearts than to win carts.''
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  • ''is better to be forgotten than to be rejected.''
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  • '' He who complains of his wife's non-cooperation in his intellectual activities is an utter fool.''
    to my students
  • ''Each stage of life has its own values.''
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Best Poem of Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai

Life Is Short

Life is short, art is long all wise men say
In silent ground of Time, all players play.
Fate herself is the referee, you know too
To refuse her judgment, you have no say.

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Spring Has Come

Blooms are announcing a change in season
To enjoy nature putting aside reason.
Dustis wearing virgins' colours sweet
Each petal and leave looks neat and neat.
Windsseem to have come from heaven high
Earth is heaving bride's sigh.
Starswant to come on earth for joy
Each city seems to have become Helen's Troy.
Flowery faeries are dancing all around

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