Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai

Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai Quotes

  • ''God made men and men made dolls
    Dolls are like men, men are like dolls.''
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  • ''Don't intercept others when they are appreciating you.''
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  • ''Future is idealism, present is realism and past is romanticism.''
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  • ''As a memory card increases the capacity of a mobile, words related with a person increase his/her life.''
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  • ''Words are more precious than pearls for an author.''
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  • ''To make others laugh is far better than to laugh at them.''
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  • ''Common human beings wish to win success but rare ones win their defeat.''
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  • ''We can make a choice in friendship but not in love.''
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  • ''As hand writing differs from the standard form of script, our behavior also varies from the standard one.''
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  • ''When belly is filled, eyes don't focus on food; when heart is filled, mind doesn't think of wealth.''
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Best Poem of Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai

Life Is Short

Life is short, art is long all wise men say
In silent ground of Time, all players play.
Fate herself is the referee, you know too
To refuse her judgment, you have no say.

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Graphite And Diamond

Black Graphite hides itself im wood pencils
And in narrow sharpeners spills.
The black maid serves society' hands
Auseful device of working bands.
But Diamond crowns Honour's high head
Dream of eyes open or in bed.
Light is its food, light its soul
With light it plays a wonderful role.
Both seem to have no relation

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