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Psaltydog's Thoughts Poems

1. What Of Love 8/21/2013
2. A Kite In The Storm 8/21/2013
3. A Curious Little Leaf 8/21/2013
4. A Forest Of Calm 8/21/2013
5. To And Fro 8/21/2013
6. I Love You 8/21/2013
7. Looking Beyond The Storm 8/21/2013
8. Healer Of My Heart 8/21/2013
9. Words 8/21/2013
10. Misnomer 8/21/2013
11. The Heartbeat Of A Tree 8/21/2013
12. Cerulean Sea (Lake Superior) 8/21/2013
13. The Sun Drained My Valley 8/21/2013
14. Derailed In Paradise 8/21/2013
15. Image Of A Rose 8/21/2013
16. Between Now And Yesterday 8/21/2013
17. Où Est Votre Mémoire 8/21/2013
18. A Calming Tone 8/21/2013
19. The Prince's Bride 8/21/2013
20. An Oak And A Rose 8/21/2013
21. As Time Marches On 8/21/2013
22. The Stawberry Patch 8/21/2013
23. What Needs Be Done 8/21/2013
24. My Castle On A Hill (The Castle Of Acquafredda) 8/21/2013
25. You Alone 9/12/2013
26. Ivory Pebbles Along The Shore 9/12/2013
27. Sometimes 9/17/2013
28. Lonely Roads And Lonely Poems 9/19/2013
29. The Peak 9/20/2013
30. A Silent Poem 9/26/2013
31. The Beggar 8/21/2013
32. Beyond Autumn 9/30/2013
33. You Have My Heart I Have Your Song 10/4/2013
34. A Hymn To Titanic (Stripped Of All We Are Or Have, Love Still Abides) 1/23/2014
35. Prisoners Of Each Other 1/28/2014
36. Homeward Light 1/31/2014
37. Beyond Ever After 2/3/2014
38. Casting All Into The Waters Of Cerulean Sea 2/10/2014
39. Grace That Calmed The Sea 1/5/2015
40. Michigan, I Hear You Calling 4/21/2015
Best Poem of Psaltydog's Thoughts

A Lion On A Hilltop

Come say a prayer for me, I'm so alone
Fighting this battle with only stones
I rode a mighty horse, stalwart and sure
A valiant warrior's steed, angry yet pure

Overhead a cloud had formed, blackening the sky
Dust and tangled hooves boasted a battle cry
At the base of Erebor, I left my mount
Seeking refuge from myself, in a battle of accounts

A dragon led the charge and pierced my heart
No way for me to turn back to the start
Where in a land of green, words turned to stone
And at a crossroads, I left you all alone

There's a lion on a hilltop ...

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The Forest

Painted leaves in translucent green
aglow against twisted dark boughs
Sprays of light flickering in this scene
could lift my heart, somehow

Old endless river flowing from there, to where
trenched along this nurturing forest floor
Fawn and flora placed with care
to the prompt of a fabled lore

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