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Biography of Puppit Lady

Biography of Puppet LadyBorn with a puppet in my hand, talking words from puppets mouth so grand. I went on stage Razel puppet was all the rage. She said things no one would dare to say...here's for being a puppet in a human world- I can freez any boy or girl... but I do find talking with human adults...are like talking to a certain cult.

come on...! let's lighten up- Razel says...
I'm a puppet, would you like to be me instead?

Puppet Lady's Published Books:

Soon to be released 'Puppet Poems' with all the poems of Razel, Melodie Mezoree', Sarah Star and the rest of the Krendoll gang.

Meet the Original Puppet Lady at www.suzae.com
No common place puppets or dolls here.

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Melodie's Song

because i'm the smallest of them all
i don't do things that are tall.
i have more magic per inch of stuffing
as you can see i'm not bluffing
bluffing when i say
i can make every child have a 'very happy birthday! '
oooh, oooh, how i really like being a smal doll!
oooh, oooh, how i like not being tall!
oooh, oooh, i am sooo happy, happy as can be!

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