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aparna 02 May 2020

nice sir i like this one

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Scott Hastie 12 October 2014

Dear Pushkar, I always enjoy hearing from you and and reading your soulfully and thoughtfully deep thoughts on life - very pleasing... I too, like you, have studied Rumi, Osho etc. who have both nourished and inspired me too... Gibran & Rilke are also important to me also. Do keep in touch and I always appreciate hearing your views on my work. With Best Wishes Scott p.s. I seem to have a problem with your current e mail address, when trying to reply to you...

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Saurabh Jakhar 16 June 2013

I am impressed with the effort's put up by Poet bisht. His poem Here lies a poet dead is one of the best art work's by an artist. God bless you and i know you have a very long run in the poetry universe. Keep up the good work. Jakhar(one of your reader's)

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Ganga Guha 14 November 2011

hi pushkar, ganga here, (used to be ur neighbour.... ur poems are beautiful

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you are a good poet and lover of the lord.. two fantastic traits! God bless.

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Catrina Heart 23 April 2009

A fine poet whose creativity goes with reality about life and relationships...Most of his poems were structured in a free verse form that are comprehensible to all kinds of readers.....

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Rakela Triste 28 January 2009

i read a lot of yours poems. Like very much ar simple including all acepts of life.Same time while reading these poems i thought why i coudnt write same....

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