Pushkar Bisht

Rookie - 20 Points (26.06.1985 / Pithoragarh (Uttaranchal))

Pushkar Bisht Poems

1. My Big Brother (Manav Bhaiya) 7/23/2007
2. All The Poets 7/13/2008
3. Mother Teresa 11/28/2008
4. If The Words Understand Your Pain 1/26/2009
5. After The Rain Stops 4/9/2009
6. In Mother’s Lap 6/30/2009
7. Here Lies A Poet Dead 3/31/2013
8. If You Ever Become Angry With Me, Sister 3/31/2013
9. Let Me Depart Away From You 3/31/2013
10. Life Is Always Empty Without A Sister 3/31/2013
11. Love Is Higher Than Sex 3/31/2013
12. May The World Be Blessed! 3/31/2013
13. My Childhood School 3/31/2013
14. No Respect For The Little Thing 3/31/2013
15. O Beautiful Ray! 3/31/2013
16. Oh Flowers 3/31/2013
17. Before I Become A Good Poet 3/31/2013
18. Candles 3/31/2013
19. How Much More Do We Need? 3/31/2013
20. I Put A Baby To Sleep 3/31/2013
21. You Can Create 3/31/2013
22. Young Maid-Servant 3/31/2013
23. When You Stand At My Grave 3/31/2013
24. I Want To Mingle With The Soul 6/2/2013
25. I Wiped Her Tears 3/31/2013
26. Pearls Of Wisdom 12/3/2013
27. You Don’t Need To Follow Me, I Am Nothing 12/23/2013
28. O Grace, O Grace… 11/29/2015
29. If You Are True In Feelings And Kindness You Possess, 11/29/2015
30. On Your Returning 11/29/2015
31. A New Freedom 11/29/2015
32. Hard Work 11/29/2015
33. Scholars And Genius 11/29/2015
34. Truth 11/29/2015
35. Alfred Nobel 11/29/2015
36. Brain 11/29/2015
37. Mother's Blessings & Love 6/22/2013
38. I Went To The Ocean 3/31/2013
39. Every Day’s Prayer 3/31/2013
40. Flowers Have Feelings 3/31/2013
Best Poem of Pushkar Bisht

A Beautiful Flower Rose

Rose is a beautiful flower,
Having a lot of fragrance
Growing among the deadly thorns,
It has never lost its beauty.

Being under the care of sun,
Getting the power from the sun,
It never fades but glows brightly.
Becoming itself a good present to the sweet-heart.

Keeping the negative energy away,
Bringing a positive attitude towards us,
What else do we need from it?
It just offers a good love to us.

Offering rose at the feet of God,
Rose itself feels proud of performing,
Its duty for the sake of Lord,
Taking the last breath ...

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Mother’s Love

My mom is a very good.
She never does any harm to anybody.
She never taught me to fight with anybody.
Now, she is running thirty-eight.

She remains very quiet and sad,
Because her brother is no more.
She would love her brother more than herself.
She is down with her problem of headache.

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