Pushkar Bisht

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  • '''The whole world is my class-room. God is the teacher and all the genius people of the world are my class-mates'''
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  • '''I won't ever regret if I die without being recognized by the world. I have learnt only one thing in my whole life is to love and respect all. I have enjoyed my life & literary works a lot and I always thought like a Genius not as a poet or intellectual and this makes me feel special. I am lucky enough to realize my capability and work on it with full inspiration and perspiration. This is a secondary thing for a legened if the world recognizes him or not. My knowledge has educated me to see the beauty in all the things. I have never lived in a physical shape but in form of soul to see the world in a broad way'''
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  • '''As Beethoven composed his lyrics with his spirit, it became superb. As john Miltion wrote his works, it became masterpiece, As August Rodin sculpted stones, it became living figures, As william shakespeare wrote his poetry, it became marvelous, as Leonardo da vinci made paintings, it became the greatest art. As Goethe wrote philosophy, it became universal so do something in an unique way that will dazzle the whole world like them'''
  • ''"I studied all the philosophies of the world as Indian, American, Scottish, Russian, Italian, German, Irish, Chinese & French etc. I found that all the philosophies of the world have same subject of love, peace & prosperity in the world'''
  • '''When mind conflicts with heart, there is a clash. Both can't win together, one has to win at last. I am in favour of heart'''
  • '''Our mind should not be dull because when it's dull, all our actions & thoughts become less effective'''
  • '''All good things happen when our mind is peaceful, all bad things happen when our mind is disturbed'''

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Best Poem of Pushkar Bisht

A Beautiful Flower Rose

Rose is a beautiful flower,
Having a lot of fragrance
Growing among the deadly thorns,
It has never lost its beauty.

Being under the care of sun,
Getting the power from the sun,
It never fades but glows brightly.
Becoming itself a good present to the sweet-heart.

Keeping the negative energy away,
Bringing a positive attitude towards us,
What else do we need from it?
It just offers a good love to us.

Offering rose at the feet of God,
Rose itself feels proud of performing,
Its duty for the sake of Lord,
Taking the last breath ...

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Mother’s Love

My mom is a very good.
She never does any harm to anybody.
She never taught me to fight with anybody.
Now, she is running thirty-eight.

She remains very quiet and sad,
Because her brother is no more.
She would love her brother more than herself.
She is down with her problem of headache.

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