Putholi Arumugham T

Putholi Arumugham T Poems

1. This Is The Day (16 Jun 2009) 8/3/2009
2. Chastity 8/14/2009
3. Covert Goddess 8/14/2009
4. Gateway Of Heaven 8/14/2009
5. On A Drizzling Day 8/14/2009
6. Home Coming 12/20/2009
7. On The Island For Love 2/14/2010
8. My Body, Not 'some'Body 2/14/2010
9. My Feelings For You 8/14/2009
10. Unanswered Questions – Time And Again 2/14/2010
11. Thirst Of Midas 2/14/2010
12. Unse Mili (I Found Her) 2/28/2010
13. Mysterious Man From Neverland 3/6/2010
14. Her Highness 3/6/2010
15. Why I Smoke 2/28/2010
16. She 4/14/2010
17. The Dream Siever 8/14/2009
18. Burden Baby 8/14/2009
19. Moment Of The Moments 7/8/2009
20. What Love Has Done To Us 4/18/2009
21. What If We Would Have Never Met 4/18/2009
22. Whatever You Gave Me 5/17/2009
23. Come Lets Die 8/3/2009
24. How Poetry Comes To Me 9/28/2009
25. Lady Of Dreams 2/14/2010
26. Bohemian Voyage 12/22/2012
27. Books Are Whores 5/7/2013
28. A Short Story Of Sad Nakedness 3/6/2010
29. Ode To My Child - 2 8/3/2009
30. 'The Worst Betrayal Ever' - The Most Bitter Truth. 5/28/2009
31. Thus Spake A Nihilist 4/29/2009
32. Story Of The Bicycle Thieves 3/25/2009
33. Every Night In My Wife's Life 4/18/2009
34. Night Is The Time 2/14/2010
35. A Love For The Sake Of Love 2/28/2010
36. Viola - Why Poems Fail Me? 4/20/2009
37. Oh Sylvia - Why Did You Do It 3/26/2009
38. A Night, By Your Side 5/13/2009
39. The Path Of My Life 3/25/2009
40. As I Grew Up 4/28/2009

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Wandering Wordsworth In Srilanka

I wandered lonely as a cloud over Srilanka
That floats on high o'er vales and hills
when all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of dying humans;
Beside the trench, beneath the trees,
crying and moaning in pain.

Enormous as the stars that shine
And twinkle on the milky way,
They stretched in never ending line
Along the margin and inside the No-war Zone
Ten thousand I saw at a glance
Trembling and weeping over their kins corpse.

The armoured vehicles and fighterjets shelled,
But they outdid the army in scream
A poet could not but cry for...

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The Path Of My Life

In my stream of consciouness,
the stumbles deliver poems.
The trees of reality cast their shades often
over the terrains of my life,
the stream takes its own path.
It seems to flood at times and
my drugs keep them at bay.
Waiting for me ahead, who knows -
is an ocean of stillness or
a waterfall of insanity.

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