Putholi Arumugham T

Putholi Arumugham T Poems

41. She 4/14/2010
42. Bohemian Voyage 12/22/2012
43. Books Are Whores 5/7/2013
44. The Dream Siever 8/14/2009
45. The Loveliest Poem I Ever Wrote 3/27/2009
46. Sitting By The Lake On A Lovely Evening 4/28/2009
Best Poem of Putholi Arumugham T

Sitting By The Lake On A Lovely Evening

The sky turns dark as if
he understood my mood,
That billowing cloud sees
herself in the lake mirror
and adjusts her uncombed hair.
The trouts spring out to wish.

The moon has just arrived to
take over from Sun as a beacon
for the travellers on flight.
On those tall coconut trees
the baby breezes play swirl
holding their arm branches.

The lakeside tulips take off
their ever-smiling masks and those
lilies get ready for their night show.
The hilltop just shows his sunburnt
back to be cooled by the gentle shower
that has just ...

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What Love Has Done To Us

What love has done to us?

Every night...

I think
and cry

you drink
and pee.

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