Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

Freshman - 874 Points [Veronique Buea Pre] (march 1st 90's)

Putri Misnia Shary Bahri Poems

41. In Every Heartbeat: 1/17/2014
42. Real Loved: 1/17/2014
43. He Will Always Be My Precious Heartbeat: 1/19/2014
44. Loving Him Pure By Heart: 1/24/2014
45. The Real Meaning Of True Love: 1/24/2014
46. Holding On & Letting Go 1/30/2015
47. Sometime: 1/24/2014
48. (rock Ballad) Hold On And Letting Go 1/31/2015
49. Remembrance 2/4/2015
50. Good Girl 2/6/2015
51. You Can Never Stole My Heart 5/31/2015
52. Solitary Feelings 6/1/2015
53. Would You Miss It? 6/2/2015
54. Solitary Love 6/2/2015
55. Heart Confession 6/2/2015
56. I Never Lie To You 6/6/2015
57. Imprison My Heart 6/6/2015
58. Imprison Heart Vol.2 6/6/2015
59. Love Poem Vol.I 6/6/2015
60. Love Poem Vol. Ii 6/6/2015
61. Lover Reunited Beneath The Sea Bay Of Seashore 6/6/2015
62. One Last Tears 6/6/2015
63. Imprison My Heart Vol.3 6/8/2015
64. Spring Blossom 6/23/2016
65. No Regret In Love 6/28/2016
66. Love 9/17/2016
67. Behind Her Smile 9/22/2016
68. Love Purpose 10/17/2016
69. Mother Poem 2/15/2017
70. Love Of My Life 2/15/2017
71. Baby Poem 2/15/2017
72. Loving You Through Time Through Heartbeat 2/15/2017
73. Our Days 2/15/2017
74. Our Day Our Love Our Heartbeat's 2/15/2017
75. Remember When You Were Younger 3/2/2017
76. The Hour Glass 3/29/2017
77. July Love's 7/6/2017
78. My July Love Rush 7/7/2017
79. Expanding Love 7/7/2017
80. Spring Love -new- 8/10/2017
Best Poem of Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

Uptown Girl

I'm not a shame to say this
I'm declare I'm my dad little girl
Surely notice a rock trend
I may grow up with musician
Classic opera soft rock ballad
My childhood best friends nicknaming
Me flower girl ever since
I was younger then

My heart is made of petal of roses
My childhood friends may recognized me
As an uptown girl from the block
Who wear high heels everywhere she goes

Who play piano singing "Hey Jude" with Papa
In a younger age in late 97's
The track of #23rd the album Love by Beatles
I'm sure aware my dad the rock ...

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What Is Love?

Love is a moments which capture all the loveliness of someone
love is like a sea waves sometime we get in argument but at the
end everything is back the way it was place

Holding someone lovingly without letting go promising someone without fear unless you
can fulfil your promise to but to fear of the loss of someone deeply to your heart

Like the sea of an ocean kisses the sea bay of the shore like a loveliness of the
feelings of a morning sea air breezes beneath your skin

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