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1. Love Poem Vol.I 12/19/2009
2. Love Poem Vol. Ii 7/12/2010
3. Why Does Love Become So Sore And Numb Inside Our Heartfelt Of Lust? 8/10/2010
4. P.S I Love You 8/13/2010
5. Re Symbol Of Death 8/24/2010
6. A Cries That He Never Heard 8/24/2010
7. Wicked Pertander 8/25/2010
8. Silent Killers Love & Lost 8/22/2010
9. Tragic Love Story 8/27/2010
10. One Last Tears 8/29/2010
11. The Undead Love 9/17/2010
12. Pitiful Love 9/17/2010
13. There Shall Be Loved A Purity Of Love 9/20/2010
14. One Real Love 9/15/2010
15. Lover Reunited Beneath The Sea Bay Of Seashore 9/21/2010
16. Recalled The Past, Os Ux Uz Us Shall 9/23/2010
17. Your Love Is Worth More Than A Million Stars 9/3/2010
18. Tu Amor Vale Más Que Millones De Estrellas(Your Love Is Worth More Than A Million Stars) Spanish Version 9/3/2010
19. Sparkly In Your Eyes 7/12/2010
20. Goodbye My Love 7/28/2010
21. Forget You 8/2/2010
22. Lost In Love 8/3/2010
23. Forget Me 8/4/2010
24. Foolish Hearted 8/17/2010
25. A Broken Heart He Have Seen 9/15/2010
26. A Silent Prays 9/15/2010
27. §¤heartfelt With A Tears Of Pain¤§ 8/27/2010
28. A Real Love 8/23/2010
29. An Envelop A Crave From My Heart 8/27/2010
30. I’m The Heart He Is The Key = Two Lover A Stand 9/21/2010
31. Enclosed In-Depth Of The Heart With Love 9/20/2010
32. Hole In My Heart 11/1/2010
33. Gothic Soul & Hearted Of A Lay Shall Spoken 9/23/2010
34. Gothic Poetry Volume Ii; , Gothic Romance Shall Be Put Away By Death 9/23/2010
35. Feelings Of Love Of True 9/21/2010
36. Butterfly Is Full Of Illusion 12/4/2011
37. A Father Love & A Mother Love 9/23/2010
38. A Letter To Romeo (Una Carta A Romeo) English Version With Spanish 9/17/2010
39. Forever Is No Longer 7/12/2010
40. A Blood On A Roses 8/13/2010

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*goodbye To You My Love, Love Is Lust*

Do you ever see me bleed? how my eyes be come so numb
How my body felt so cold and froze can't seem to move a bit
Memorise every step that we take in the affection which was true
Which never seem to break through but all that days has gone

Do you ever heard me cry out for you? in my breathless murn
In my weak heart just broke that I can't take in but to bury all that moments deep inside of me

Why does love is such a crime?
When our love was just so real?
Why would someone want a part like this?
When we knew we were meant to be

How my heart peel ...

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Deceiving Soul

When Passionate takes in sweet surrenders which hold tightly she embrace him close
Kiss him goodnight Embrace soul of lover’s touches tenders surrenders
Deceiving soul of lovers reunited once so tenderly embrace last forever

One faithful love to him she shown her feelings strong she can’t hide no more
One truly madly deeply passion he taken in which was there and now it wasted

Her soul collide letting him go giving up on love she can’t bury it inside of her
She let him go giving up on

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