Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

Putri Misnia Shary Bahri Poems

41. Recalled The Past, Os Ux Uz Us Shall 9/23/2010
42. Hole In My Heart 11/1/2010
43. Butterfly Is Full Of Illusion 12/4/2011
Best Poem of Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

Sparkly In Your Eyes

sparkly in your eyes light as an ocean
torques blue as the sea waves
apart throughout daylight till midday
love which unknown
feelings which can’t describe
hinder to the memoirs to the past
where we belong
felt the eternity felt the waves
breezy air on my shoulder
smell the seashells under
heart to heart to heart
holding hand which aren’t fall
walking around the sea bay sore
walking on our barefoot

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Love Poem Vol. Ii

My eyes scabbard in a dream which has reveal the true realities shatter
Screaming your name in a misery night which sit in and collide all at once
Could you hear me crying?
Do you even know how its break my heart, Once sweet surrenders which sits in?

Has fading away disappearing?
Every word you once said which I believed
How much you loved me you give your heart away
Everything we ever had, has all vanish away

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