Qiniso Mogale Quotes

28 March 2017

Mistakes must serve as lessons equipping the people who made the mistakes not to repeat the same mistakes in future. Future generations must also learn from such mistakes: that's the sole necessity of History. History was never meant to repeat itself

28 March 2017

We often run other peoples races neglecting our own races in the process. On judgement day we have to account for our own races and I wonder what will most people tell God?

28 March 2017

Material treasures can not be taken to the spirit World. Most people are concerned with temporary things. The devil has them exactly where he wants them.

28 March 2017

Let all live knowing all shall die. Death has no favorites.

28 March 2017

Emotions and faith have never complimented each other; instead they have always competed against each other.

11 April 2017

We can never outrun God Almighty because He is Everywhere; it is a futile exercise which would be best realised whilst one is still young.

18 April 2017

Many need to understand that in exercising their rights they should not step on other people's rights.

30 April 2017

Our souls must not be sold to the devil no matter how much money he offers.