Quame Boatmann

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Quame Boatmann Poems

1. The Smile Of The Adversary 9/21/2015
2. Missing Memories 9/21/2015
3. The Red Note 9/21/2015
4. Who'll Speak For Us? 9/21/2015
5. Cape Coast, My Paradise 9/21/2015
6. Theodora 9/21/2015
7. Precious Days Of Old 9/21/2015
8. Traveller On The Road 9/21/2015
9. Brutal Choice 9/24/2015
10. Painful Past 9/24/2015
11. Will The Church Ever Change? 9/24/2015
12. We're Not Immortals 9/24/2015
13. Counterfeit Passion 9/24/2015
14. The Affluent Panhandler 9/24/2015
15. Eternal Passion 9/24/2015
16. The Warning Bell, Memories From Bridge City 9/24/2015
17. Behind The Tainted Glass 9/24/2015
18. Bondage Freedom, Memories From Bridge City 9/24/2015
19. Dining, Memories From Bridge City 9/24/2015
20. The Scroll Of Wealth 9/24/2015
21. Grant Them Ears 9/24/2015
22. Me A Sully 9/24/2015
23. The Master Servant 10/8/2015
24. Professor Lunacy 10/11/2015
25. Pride 10/18/2015
26. Dark Light 10/18/2015
27. Old Man Billy 10/20/2015
28. This World Is A Jungle 10/20/2015
29. Dreams 11/29/2015
30. Vain Labour 11/29/2015
31. Maranatha 11/29/2015
32. Great Man Donkoh 12/26/2015
33. My Cowries 5/9/2016
34. Black Wreath (A Tribute To Mr. E.K. Dadzie) 6/26/2016
35. Fear Is Broken! 8/12/2016
36. To Whom Shall I Go? 10/23/2016
37. More Of Of You 10/31/2016
38. Bulging Little Bellies 11/25/2016
39. Into His Glory 12/18/2016
40. What Miracle? 2/27/2017

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Best Poem of Quame Boatmann

Missing Memories

The memories of my early days
Become as green leaves
Of the dew morning
Whenever I behold
The women of the crescent moon and star
In this new world

In gowns of manifold styles
With their bareness locked in their robes
I feel the breeze of our uncivilized days
And smell its perfumed air

Where a maiden is a maiden
And nature was natural
Woman was not man and man not woman
And though there was no sun
We lived in light

But a catastrophe hits our land
And darkness plagues our world
The magnificent beams of the sun
Cannot ...

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Cape Coast, My Paradise

Cape Coast, Cape Coast
Where I belong
A Paradise I dream never to leave
As long as the sand calms the wrath of the tides
As the gentle cool breeze sweep away
The fiendish smile of the sun
A place so simple and free to roam
Where memories of the past are secured
Yes indeed!
Cape Coast is my Paradise
Yet not recognized

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