"The name of ..." Quote of Queen Elizabeth I

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The name of a successor is like the tolling of my own death-bell!

Elizabeth I
Elizabeth I (1533-1603), British monarch, Queen of England (1558-1603). As quoted in The Sayings of Queen Elizabeth, ch. 24, by Frederick Chamberlin (1923). Said near the end of her life. Elizabeth, who never married and died without an heir, refused, despite much urging, to name a successor until she was on her deathbed. He was Mary, Queen of Scots' son, James VI, King of Scotland, who became King James I of England (1566-1625; King of Scotland, 1567-1625; King of England, 1603-1625). In 1586, he had broken with his mother, who was Elizabeth's rival for the throne and had schemed against her, to ally himself with Elizabeth. Mary was executed in 1587.