Quincy Palamar

Biography of Quincy Palamar

My name is Quincy, I read and I write my own books and poems, I'm a published poet through the World Poetry Movement. Most of my poems reflect the internal pain of my soul. I usually don't write 'happy' poems because I am not inspired by joy, I am inspired instead by misery.

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A father who could be mean,
A daughter who couldn't have foreseen,
A father only love did he have for her,
A daughter who didn't understand...it was all a blur,
A father too weak to overcome the poison,
A daughter never knowing all was over...all was done,  
A father alone, with his little girl as his last thought,  
A father now taken by death, his last battle he had fought,
A daughter finding only in death, how much he really loved her,

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