Never close your lips for those, to whom you have opened your heart ♥

Best Classic Quotes
Oscar Milosz

To some extent, I have only lived to have something to outlive. By confiding these futile remembrances to paper, I am conscious of accomplishing the most important act of my life. I was predestined to Memory.

Oscar Milosz

It happened that sometimes I kissed in mirrors the reflection of my face; since the hands, face and tears of Annalena had caressed it, my face seemed suffused to me divinely beautiful and as if suffused with heavenly sweetness.

David Antin

I didnt think about whether I was writing poems. I was thinking. And the more I was thinking, the more there was I didnt understand.

David Antin

Disney made a fortune out of inventing the businessmans idea of the imaginary as the contradictory of the businessmans idea of the real.

David Antin

From this entertainment industry, may the gods of language protect us.

David Antin

The self is an oral society in which the present is constantly running a dialogue with the past and the future inside of one skin.

Best Member Quotes
Shalom Freedman

We often discover in life that all our will and strength will not enable us to do what we wish

Shalom Freedman

Small improvements in our situation often translate into great improvement in mood

Shalom Freedman

Sometimes after dreaming we wake with strong longing for those who were with us in the dream but are no longer with us in the world

Shalom Freedman

The words ‘eternal' and ‘forever' are often expressed as wishes of the heart without any real justification in reality

Shalom Freedman

Much of what we think of having always been here such as the trees and flowers of beautiful nature are in fact too products of time and development-once were not here and at some distant time will not be here again

Shalom Freedman

Better to concentrate on the life we live now and on the near future than to speculate pointlessly about a distant future we will never see

New Quotes
Ashlyn Brena

I missed my bus so that I could catch feelings for you.

Jayshree Verma

You do not have to make effort to remember someone you love, but you automatically remember them. It must be love from the heart, true and selfless.

Boluwatife Asake

Art is the home of creativity, where ethereal beauty screams out calmly

Sumita Jetley

Every bit of me is with me in you! People call me Sufi.

Cowboy Ron Williams

A journey of a thousand miles begins with running back into the house for something you forgot.

Nkwachukwu Ogbuagu

Boris & Co must have downed so much beer at that party at Number 10 beer-Downing Street. ~Nkwachukwu Ogbuagu

Quotations From Famous People

Monogamy and prostitution go together.


[The ladies] must be aware that a great evil cannot for a long time, predominate, without, at least, their connivance. Silence is often as effectual an advocate in a cause as eloquence.

"An Eminent Editor" Of Press Baron

The only reason I might go to the funeral is to make absolutely sure that he's dead.


Evil passions and evil inclinations are much more dangerous than evil books. The sensualist will extract poison from the purest page, the modest can blush without being corrupted.

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दोस्ती उनसे करो जो दुश्मनी सबसे करे। लेकिन अपने दोस्त से नहीं। लेखक- मनोज कुमार

"Jennie June" Croly

We have ourselves to answer for.

00wolf Syring

Safty first.... cus your ass is next

. misty

when you're drunk, you have no regard for my feelings.

[H.H. (Hector Hugh) Munro] Saki

He spends his life explaining from his pulpit that the glory of Christianity consists in the fact that though it is not true it has been found necessary to invent it.

- Mazglo

I'd like to go outside, however, I'm here all alone. The sun is shining so bright, and I'm here on my own.

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