Quotations About / On: ANNA

  • 1.
    “The world is a hungry place, and Anna will feed it beauty.”
    (The Life and Dance of Anna Pavlova)
  • 2.
    Oh, Anna, the things I did! The things I did.... Oh, the things I did!
    (Jo Eisinger, and Jules Dassin. Harry Fabian (Richard Widmark), Night and the City, to Anna O'Leary (Maureen Delaney), a waterfront black marketeer, about his unfortunate misspent life as he awaits capture by his killers (1950). Based on the novel by Gerald Kersh.)
  • 3.
    An illustrious individual remarks that Mrs. [Elizabeth Cady] Stanton is the salt, Anna Dickinson the pepper, and Miss [Susan B.] Anthony the vinegar of the Female Suffrage movement. The very elements get the "white male" into a nice pickle.
    (Anonymous, U.S. women's magazine contributor. The Revolution (August 19, 1869). . . . )
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