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    Let the Filipinos never forget the story of freedom from dictatorial regime waged against not by weapons but by people's power in the EDSA non-violent revolution, Feb.1986, now its 30th year anniversary! Congratulations, Philippines and all the Filipinos throughout the world!
    (on the 30th anniversary of the Philippine EDSA revolution from the Marcos regime.)
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    One internationally known twin researcher sees similarities between twins' relationships and those of couple who have been married a long time. Fifteen-year-old twins, as well as spouses approaching their fortieth anniversary, each know their partners' likes, dislikes, habits, and idiosyncracies as well as they know their own.
    (Pamela Patrick Novotny (20th century), U.S. journalist and author. The Joy of Twins, ch. 9 (1988, rev. 1994).)
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    Second year anniversary of the 239 victims of MH370 flight! May the time heal the hearts of those who lost their loved ones, not even able to bury them in decent graves. May the victims rest in peace.

    March 7,2016
    (to the surviving families and victims of Malaysian Airlines 370!)
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