Quotations About / On: BUTTERFLY

  • 1.
    'The flowerbed is only for butterflies not for hornets'.
    (Ujjal Mandal)
  • 2.
    If love is on...Butterfly spreads colour, the evening cries.
    (Sanjibsaha Aniketa-an Indian poet.)
  • 3.
    'The flowerbed is for BUTTERFLIES not for Hornets'.
    (By Ujjal Mandal)
  • 4.
    The filthiest caterpillars grow into the most beautiful butterflies.
    (Those struggling and suffering in their young age)
  • 5.
    Some peoples thoughts are butterflies that can find no flower.
    (Stephen Howard)
  • 6.
    'Nothing compares to a runaway butterfly, flutter thru life confident and beautiful'
    (Miiya Skky)
  • 7.
    I give you space for dancing with the butterfly
    (from the poem 'note to my students' by r soos)
  • 8.
    “The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.”
  • 9.
    'Hope is a butterfly which carries catalogue of colors throughout life'
    (- - Pijush Biswas, Indian Poet, [12 July,1988])
  • 10.
    love has the melting point greater than osmium though it is as tender as butterfly wings...! !
    (love hacks)
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