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    President Obama - I dub thee, 'Candy Man', because we the children love the candy given from your hand
    (written 8 February 2015, vacationing in Thailand. My Thai wife and I are celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary here.)
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    'Understanding of social hierarchies: +1,000,000 if you eat buddha-ear candy.'
    (- -Nathan Coppedge, November 2016)
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    life is a candy, taste it
    (the memories of the sadness and happines)
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    Really I don't like human nature unless all candied over with art.
    (Virginia Woolf (1882-1941), British novelist. The Diary of Virginia Woolf, vol. 3, entry for May 13, 1926, ed. Anne O. Bell (1980).)
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    You should lay off those candy bars.... You're a mess, honey.
    (Orson Welles (1915-1985), U.S. filmmaker, actor, producer, and Based On The Novel Ba. Tanya (Marlene Dietrich), Touch of Evil, to police captain Hank Quinlan (Orson Welles) (1958).)
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    No imported candy or flowers grown in the richest soil fertilized with manure from a gold cow could ever compare to a sincere apology.
    -Phyllis Strong
    (Valentine's Day)
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    Why, what a candy deal of courtesy
    This fawning greyhound then did proffer me!
    (William Shakespeare (1564-1616), British dramatist, poet. Hotspur, in Henry IV, Part 1, act 1, sc. 3, l. 251-2. Henry IV once needed the help of Hotspur to regain his rights; "candy deal" means sugary quantity.)
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    I, Twitter, stutteringly remember

    in cyber chases, late night,

    sitting at computer scrabbling

    after old grievances such are

    lovers, cheaters, jilts, and those

    rare 'got-lucky' graces, unexpected

    shudders and shoulders where I broke

    open, finally laid, laid waste for future flatterers

    and failures of heart.

    Sniffing my fingers for remnant tents,

    I recall, sickened, the candy at every fair,

    hand fulls gorged, glutted, belly sore and

    wanting more, drowned in the push-shove

    of fevered bodies intent on the fast rides

    where one loses stomach for the ordinary.

    Dizzy, I grab my ankles, confess instead,

    I've puked my guts from excess, spun sugar

    and cartwheels, mechanical distractions

    ghosting up Stillborn nights holding their

    breath well past bedtime.

    At a window counting railroad cars

    a boy thief is stealing circus hours.
    (from 'I, Twitter, Stutteringly Remember In Cyber Chases')
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