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    A happy arrangement: many people prefer cats to other people, and many cats prefer people to other cats.
    (Mason Cooley (b. 1927), U.S. aphorist. City Aphorisms, Fourth Selection, New York (1987).)
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    Authors like cats because they are such quiet, lovable, wise creatures, and cats like authors for the same reasons.
    (Robertson Davies (b. 1913), Canadian novelist, journalist. repr. In The Enthusiasms of Robertson Davies (1990). "Mehitabel," Toronto Daily Star (Nov. 21, 1959).)
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    A home without a cat—and a wellfed, wellpetted and properly revered cat—may be a home, perhaps, but how can it prove title?
    (Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835-1910), U.S. author. Pudd'nhead Wilson and Those Extraordinary Twins, ch. 1 (1894).)
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    One of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that a cat has only nine lives.
    (Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835-1910), U.S. author. Pudd'nhead Wilson and Those Extraordinary Twins, ch. 7 (1894).)
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    Of all God's creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the lash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with a cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat.
    (Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835-1910), U.S. author. Notebook, pp. 236-237, entry for 1984, ed. Albert Bigelow Paine (1935).)
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    The black cat does not die. Those same books, if I am not mistaken, teach that the black cat is deathless. Deathless as evil. It is the origin of the common superstition of the cat with nine lives.
    (Peter Ruric, and Edgar G. Ulmer. Edgar G. Ulmer. Hjalmar Poelzig (Boris Karloff), The Black Cat, discussing the shooting of a black cat (1934). Suggested by the Edgar Allan Poe story.)
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    Some peoples opinions of cats, are not necessarily shared by the sparrow.
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    Just because you're cat has kitten's in an oven don't mean you call them biscuit's.
    (This quote simply mean's just because its spoken don't mean its true.)
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    The cat and the dog play together at times.
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    In this life, the cat always chases the mouse; but, not the vice versa.
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