Quotations About / On: CUT

  • 1.
    Poetry is, always, a cut above the cutting edge of literature.
    (Uncle Lonnie personal view of the written langue.)
  • 2.
    indifference is the seed of death, we may cut off our own hand to escape the chain which binds our hand, cut off our own foot to escape the iron grip of the trap cutting into our leg, but we cannot cut out our heart with indifference; indifference withers rots the soul in the blood of innocence, not cleansed in the heart of divine compassion, empathy given in the salve of action to aid heal provide for the afflicted
    (Terence George Craddock April 8.4.2015)
  • 3.
    No sea vessel can cut through the waves without pitching and rolling,
    (It's not easy to overcome difficulties)
  • 4.
    The thread of love that ties us together is now cut off!
    (Lost Love.)
  • 5.
    Why cut off this thread of love that ties us together? !
    (Lost Love.)
  • 6.
    Poets are cut from a tender cloth that covers our world in beauty
    (Adiela Akoo)
  • 7.
    Life is a weapon....sharp but unable to cut....
  • 8.
    If you walk on shards expect to be cut
    (taking self responsibility for your actions acknowledging one's faults)
  • 9.
    It's about cutting or worrying or tumbling?
    (- Astrajingga Asmasubrata)
  • 10.
    Sharp words cut the very core of me.
    (Rose Marie Juan-Austin)
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