Quotations About / On: DEATH

Quotations About / On: DEATH
Muzahidul Reza

Death is death, and death. But now death is not only death but death is the most talked issue for coronavirus. Death is now tolling lots of lives. All fear of death. Every where death haunts. But, still death is permanent and death comes in time.


Death, the most dreaded of all evils, is therefore of no concern to us; for while we exist death is not present, and when death is present we no longer exist.

Nathan Coppedge

'Conformists will conform to death / And serious norms will norm to death / But storms will storm to death / Brilliance owns the rest...'

Ramakrushna Sahu

Liberation is that blissful death long before a painful physical death and a blissful birth without any further death.

Muzahidul Reza

Don't think death is far but death is very near can approach any time. Then you can't but believe in death.

Muzahidul Reza

Death ends life's worldly life and after death starts after worldly life, Hereafter. So, work much for Hereafter before coming death.

Muzahidul Reza

Don't fear of death. Death is good as death takes one to the other world.

Muzahidul Reza

Death is not your foe but death is you amigo to take you to the next world. So, don't misunderstand death.

Muzahidul Reza

Don't fear of death. Death is permanent. Death comes once in life, in time. Then no more death. But after death, permanent life stays to be processed. Then no death.


Oh death, death, why do you never come to me thus summoned always day by day?

E.M. (Edward Morgan) Forster

Death destroys a man: the idea of Death saves him.

Angela Carter

Nothing is a matter of life and death except life and death.

Willis Cooper

I scare him to death, I don't have to kill him to death.


It is not death therefore that is burdensome, but the fear of death.

Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai

Death can't kill a person twice, therefore, die before your death.

Ramakrushna Sahu

Liberation is complete death before an incomplete death.

Adeosun Olamide

And death, o woeful death- torments some to a hell, to suicide.

Naguib Mahfouz

“Death by love is fairer by far than death by illness", said Amenhotep III.”

Simbarashe Raymond Mudukuti

Death has a fragrance and the smell is best just before death

Emranor Reja

Love is the not only death of duty ❤️ but also death of beauty